Monday, September 26, 2016


Abuja-based production company, Take 7 Media, will soon be releasing an exciting new thriller, titled FIDELITY. The movie was directed by Abimbola Olagunju, and it stars Empress Njamah, Paul Sambo, Iyke Adiele, Happy Julian-Uchendu, Gina Castel, and Pau Ramon. It was shot in Nigeria and Spain.

FIDELITY addresses fraudulent practices in Nigeria, and it is about two friends who perpetrate Internet fraud for a living. The movie is a high quality production, which features brilliant acting from an impressive cast. Movie lovers across the board will undoubtedly find it interesting and captivating. The official synopsis of the movie, reads:

"Michael and Dele are best friends who run an Internet fraud ring in Spain. When they are tracked down by Spanish police, Dele takes the fall for their crimes, and is sent to prison. Michael moves back to Nigeria, where he proceeds to live discreetly. After serving his prison sentence, Dele also returns to Nigeria. Dele proposes one last cybercrime, targeting a bank, which could give them their biggest payoff yet. Michael hesitantly agrees, and as part of the job, he has to seduce a staff of the bank, Sophia. In a twist of fate, Michael falls for Sophia, and becomes friends with her little son. Michael starts having second thoughts about the job, and begins to stall. This makes Dele uncomfortable, and things soon get out of hand."

FIDELITY is Abimbola Olagunju's directorial debut. He holds a HND in Media Production from CEF in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. He has worked extensively as a cameraman and content creator. According to him, his goal in life is to create powerful works that people can identify with, while passing on the message that all decisions have consequences.

FIDELITY was produced by Bem Pever and Chucks Chyke. It will be released in the last quarter of 2016.

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