Thursday, July 23, 2015


Schemers is a romantic thriller produced by Lisa Omorodion and Grace Oboba Edwin-Okon. It was shot on location in Lagos, in July 2015. It was directed by Gbenga Salu and it stars IK Ogbonna, Wole Ojo, Adunni Adewale (aka Adunni Ade), Lisa Omorodion, Daniel K Daniel, and Tunbosun Aiyedehin. According to the producers, the movie will be released in August 2015, and it will be available on Iroko TV, M-Net BoxOffice, and later on DVD/VCD. 

The official synopsis reads "Beneath the pretense of Love and affection for his wife Naomi, is Peter's quest to win his father's heart and give back to him what he claims to have lost and desires most. Naomi is ready to give all for her husband, but not the one thing he wants really bad. Peter will stop at nothing to get what he wants but what he doesn't know is that he is part of a bigger plan."

Grace Oboba Edwin-Okon, Adunni Adewale, IK Ogbonna,
Lisa Omorodion, Wole Ojo, and Gbenga Salu
Adunni Adewale, Lisa Omorodion, and Wole Ojo
Wole Ojo and Adunni Adewale
Lisa Omorodion and Daniel K. Daniel
Daniel K. Daniel and Lisa Omorodion
Lisa Omorodion
Daniel K. Daniel and Lisa Omorodion
Lisa Omorodion and Tunbosun Aiyedehin
Adunni Adewale and IK Ogbonna
IK Ogbonna
IK Ogbonna and Adunni Adewale
IK Ogbonna

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