Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Murphy's Laaw Entertainment broke records when he brought in a number of actors to film the first ever Nollywood movie to be shot in Miami, Florida. The movie attracted and starred actors from all over including Nollywood veteran, Patience Ozokwo (Mama G) from Nigeria, Van Vicker from Ghana, Chisom Oz-Lee from New York, Olatunde Abiola Oyelola from Miami, Montel Swaray from Pennsylvania, Tracy Obonna from Canada, Afro-Hip Hop artist Filon Jay from California, Clarice Otieno (aka Clarry McObama) and Bless Brown from Dallas, TX, Ehis Igbinosa (Master E.) from New York. The movie is being directed by Murphy Folorunsho and Robert Peters with the solid involvement of Nosa Igbinosa and Tompson Tabi as part of brains behind the production. The movie Dance in the Storm is being shot on 2 Red cameras both Scarlet and Epic with Robert Peters as the cinematographer.

Van Vicker being prepared for a scene

Cast member and Patience Ozokwo

Tompson Tabi, Montel Swaray, Robert Peters, a camera assistant (in front),
Nosa Igbinosa, and Murphy Folorunsho

Robert Peters shooting a village scene in Miami with Patience Ozokwo

Patience Ozokwo in a village scene shot in Miami

Murphy Folorunsho, Mama G. Robert Peters, Clarry Otieno, Tompson Tabi

Montel Swaray and Olatunde  Abiola Oyelola

George Ossy, Clarice Otieno, Bless Brown, Olatunde Abiola Oyelola,
Tracy Obonna, and a guest

Chisom Oz-Lee & Ms. Hollywood

Ms. Hollywood, Chisom Oz-Lee, and Olatunde Abiola Oyelola

Filon Jay, Bless Brown, Blessing Enogieru, Clarice Otieno,
Montel Swaray (in front), guest, Ehis Igbinosa (Master E), and Yinka Rhy

Patience Ozokwo and Chisom Oz-Lee at Disney World, Orlando

Patience Ozokwo at, Disney World, Orlando

Ms. Comfort, Robert Peters, Tompson Tabi, Nosa Igbinosa

Chisom Oz-Lee, Filon Jay & Ms. Hollywood

Palace Maids

Nosa Igbinosa and Tompson Tabi on set

Robert Peters on the Red Epic Camera
with his assistant

Bless Brown and Olatunde Abiola Oyelola
in a scene

Robert Peters and Montel Swaray

Montel Swaray and Olatunde Ibilola Oyelola
in a wedding scene with bridesmaids

Clarice Otieno and Patience Ozokwo

Clarice Otieno and Patience Ozokwo

Montel Swaray and Patience Ozokwo

Van Vicker

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