Saturday, September 5, 2015


African content provider, Africa Magic, kicks of its Africa Magic Original Blockbuster Festival this September. Every weekend in September two new made-for-television movies will be premiered exclusively on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv 151). The movies feature some of the biggest names in Nollywood, including Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva, Desmond Elliott, Ini Edo, Chidi Mokeme, Monalisa Chinda, and Yul Edochie. See details of the movies below.

RED CARD (22:15CAT, September 5, 2015)
A man torn between two women and a chance to become very rich beyond anything he could ever imagine. Experience love, friendship, betrayal, obsession and N150million price tag Tito, Papi and Chris all friends from different backgrounds with different principles, experience will soon test that friendship. Dami, a girl hopelessly in love and will do anything to prove it. Kachi a humble rich girl playing in the hands of destiny. Destiny will bring them together and change their lives forever. 

CARPE DIEM (22:15CAT, September 6, 2015)
A brilliant, well-spoken young man due to certain circumstances has to find ghetto means to survive and keep food on his table. A ‘friend’s advice’ sets him on a deceptive path where he thinks he has found a way to get out of the poor circumstance he finds himself. Carpe Diem will take you on a journey of greed, betrayal and love which will set him on a journey he never planned to embark but had to seize the moment. 

LOVESTRUCK (22:15CAT, September 12, 2015)
In 2009, The Nigerian financial sector was thrown in chaos. After the discovery of the systematic theft of billions of naira by top banking executives and higher-ups. What followed was a massive inquest of these financial institutions and the investigation of its management structure. This story takes place a few weeks before the crisis… 

AMIABLE (22:15CAT, September 13, 2015)
Dave creative director in a small advertizing agency gets jilted by his girlfriend on the night he proposed to her. Dave eventually moves on and picks up the pieces of his life by drowning himself with office work. Dave falls in love with an office colleague Nana. They have vowed to have “NO SECRETS” “NO LIES” and “NO BETRAYAL” Dave had supposedly slept with his ex-girlfriend the same night Nana agreed to be his girlfriend. But will Nana look beyond the betrayal of trust and appreciate his truthfulness? 

MERCIFUL (22:15CAT, September 19, 2015)
The father of Mercy’s 12 year old daughter Joy, who dumped them both after giving birth has disappeared. Jobless, and squatting from one friend’s home to the other. Mercy manages to get a job through her best friend and church member, Margaret, as singer at Oldnavy, a Lounge in her neighborhood. She sings every evening to the delight of the guests. The salary is nothing to write home about but that is the only thing she can get to put food on the table and also take care of her lovely daughter. One morning Joy is rushed to the hospital after she complained of stomach ache. She’s diagnosed with cancer of the stomach. Will Mercy’s, star to be daughter, survive? This is a story of endless love between mother and daughter. The story unfolds. 

DOWRY MAN (22:15CAT, September 20, 2015)
Dowry man is a hilarious comedy of a dowry fixer Kevwe Baker. After getting his heart broken due to exorbitant traditional dowries. He goes on a mission to help future grooms but at a fee. He is smart, sleek and gets the job done driven by his passion to see love thrive and win. Getting an unusual client will seeing him falling in love but on strange terms. He would do all he must to make sure he doesn’t lose his great love 

AFTER THE I’DOS (22:15CAT, September 26, 2015)
This is a psychological drama, which mirrors marital dynamics through the eyes of 3 friends - Peace, Bella and Lulu. Each, unhappy in their marriages. Peace, is mentally abused by Chike her husband, has lost her sense of self-esteem to this marriage, lives in denial and hopes for things to get better. Bella is emotionally battered by Tonye, her boy-about-town husband who finds it convenient living at the expense of his wife’s purse. Lulu, is living with HIV, the disease she contracted from her unrepentant, philandering husband, Osaro. In the company of one another, the three friends have learnt to share humor and charitable works to help numb their daily disappointments. Bella comes up with a suggestion to end their marriage miseries. It heals Bella’s marriage; it restores considerable sanity into Lulu’s marriage but sends Peace missing and sets off a police investigation which leaves her friends fearful for her life and safety 

SUBTERFUGE (22:15CAT, September 27, 2015)
A modern day Romeo and Juliet tale, spun by competition, love, hate and how to succeed at whatever means. Legacies which seem too strong for love to conquer. Sophia whose chauvinistic father’s attitude only drives her to succeed in a male driven world. Casper a young guy who finds a way to use his handicap to succeed. Fate will deal them both a hand with a twist of love, deceit and hate. Will they be another sad Romeo and Juliet story, or will there be a happy ending after all

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