Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Zack Orji, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, and Ken Erics, star in a recently completed movie titled Wretched Money, which was directed by Vincent D Anointed. Also in the movie are Rita Edochie, Barbara Ossai, Juliet Adolphus, Princess Okah, Tim Ebuka, and Mike Odiachi. Wretched Money was produced by Anaele Ugochukwu Dominic for Rockcelly Resources Films Ltd. Check out the synopsis of the movie, and some location pictures from the production, after the cut ...

About the movie
Wretched Money portrays the suffering of a family. Amaechi (Zack Orji), his two brothers (Bob-Manuel Udokwu), and his sister (Princess Okah), went through hell on earth. Poverty seemed their only companion as nothing they did succeeded. The only surviving relative of their father, Asanma (Rita Edochie), cried and prayed fervently to God for a miracle. However the brothers put together their life savings and gave to Eche (Ken Erics). their youngest brother, to pursue a musical career. Eche succeeded in music, becoming rich and famous. However, he left his family to suffer in abject poverty, while giving money to outsiders.

Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Princess Okah, Vincent D Anointed,
Zack Orji, and Rita Edochie

Innocent Eji (continuity), Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Vincent D Anointed,
and a cast member

Innocent Eji (continuity), Zack Orji, Amaka Onwujekwe (costumier),
and Rita Edochie

Vincent D Anointed, Zack Orji, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, and Innocent Eji

Vincent D Anointed, Ken Erics, and Rita Edochie

Zack Orji, Vincent D Anointed, Juliet Adolphus, and Tim Ebuka

Vincent D Anointed and Fela (DOP)

Barbara Ossai, Zack Orji, and Juliet Adolphus

Crew member, Barbara Ossai, Mike Odiachi, Zack Orji,
Juliet Adolphus, and Vincent D Anointed

Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Anaele Ugochukwu Dominic,
Ken Erics, and Vincent D Anointed

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