Saturday, June 20, 2015


Queen Nwokoye and Chacha Eke Faani star in a recently completed movie, titled Messi vs Ronaldo, which was shot in Asaba. Also in the movie are Michael Godson, Adanma Luke, Sharon Francis, Nzube Onyia, and Bibi Esoro. The movie was produced by Chidi Chijioke for Allstars Movies. It was directed by Kensteve Anuka, and the cinematographer for the production was Bala Itoro.

About the Movie
Laminda Ronaldo (Queen Nwokoye) is the captain of the local Madrid football team, while ChaCha Messi (ChaCha Eke Faani) captains the local Barcelona team. Laminda is an ardent Christiano Ronaldo fan, while ChaCha worships and idolizes Lionel Messi. Jay Jay (Michael Godson), a professional player in Europe, sends home a trophy for a football competition. The competition prize also includes an opportunity to travel to Spain to meet Jay Jay in person. This intensifies the rivalry between Laminda and ChaCha.

ChaCha Eke Faani and Queen Nwokoye

Sharon Francis, Bibi Esoro, ChaCha Eke Faani,and Queen Nwokoye

ChaCha Eke Faani, Queen Nwokoye, Adanma Luke, and Sharon Francis

Nzube Onyia and ChaCha Eke Faani

Nzube Onyia, Bibi Esoro, ChaCha Eke Faani

Kensteve Anuka and ChaCha Eke Faani

Kensteve Anuka, ChaCha Eke Faani, and Queen Nwokoye

Kensteve Anuka and Bala Itoro

 Kensteve Anuka and Bala Itoro

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