Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Star actress, Mercy Johnson says people have been telling her of how Keira Hewatch of 'Lekki Wives' looks like her. So, the last AMVCA gave the two actresses to meet each other. How true is the speculation? For Keira, Mercy Johnson is her doppelganger and meeting her was just magical. She wrote...
"So something Iconic happened to me on the #Amvca Red Carpet. It saddens me that I could not capture that moment.
I was standing with a few other lovely celebrities in front of a giant fan, trying to cool off from all the lights!- Lol! It was hot though!- I had my back turned to the floor when someone tapped me gently on the shoulder and a friendly girly voice said "Hiii!" So I turned around to say hi back, with an automatic smile on my face induced by the friendly voice... And my jaw dropped. Literally.
It was my Stunning Super Star Doppelganger; @mercyjohnsonokojie; A flawless, curvaceous vision in White!
She said "Gosh, I love you in Lekki Wives!" Oh, that did it!
I started blubbering all over the place! You don't even know the half of it! I'm not sure I rightly remember what I said to her! (There was a lot of "oh my God!" #Lmao!) I always thought I'd be cool when I finally met her! For wia! If I hear! Cool fire! I was a puddle! She gave me a hug, said "aww, don't cry hun!" And posed for a picture with her phone... Don't even ask me where mine was. I totally forgot it in my hand! She's awesome.

So do they really look alike or is it that they talk alike, that is, if you've heard both speak. 

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