Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Ay Makun's '30 days in Atlanta' premiered at Silverbird Cinema, Ghana on Friday January 30 and then at West Hills Mall, Accra the following day. Nollywood and Ghallywood stars present were Desmond Elliott, Ramsey Nouah, Juliet Ibrahim, Majid Michel...
Chris Attoh, Abbey Abuede, Frederick Nuamah, Charlotte Derban, Sonia Ibrahim and others According to Ay, the '30 days in Atlanta' became the most attended movie premiere in Ghana.

Desmond, Juliet, Ay, Ramsey, Abbey
Juliet, Ay, Frederick, Sonia, Desmond, Ramsey, Charlotte, Abbey
Abbey Abuede, Ramsey Nouah
Fans of 30 Days in Atlanta
Juliet Ibrahim
Chris, Ay, Abbey
Chris, Majid, Ramsey
Ay, Abbey, Juliet and Chris
Ay and Juliet
Ramsey and Juliet with a fan

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