Friday, February 20, 2015


Here are the characters 'Before 30', a Nigerian Tv series coming your way this March. Damilola Adegbite as Kemi, Beverly Naya as Nkem, Meg Otanwa as Aisha, Anee Icha as Ama, OC Ukeje as Ayo, Karibi Faburu as Akin, Patrick Diabuah as Sheriff...

Introducing...Temilola Coker
Dami Adegbite
Meet Nkem...”Every woman (including myself) needs to have a little Nkem in her
Beverly Naya

Meet Aisha, played by Meg Otanwa. She knows who she could be without all the cultural and religious strings that restrain her. She is married to an extremely wealthy man and wants for nothing. Though she is still adjusting to the ups and downs of marriage herself, she understands her friends’ desire to be married.
Meg Otanwa

Introducing Ama “Live with all you've got, laugh with all you've got, love with all you've got”.
Anee Icha

I play Ayo in the upcoming series. Ayo is an ambitious young man and Temi’s high school sweetheart. He sees marriage as an unnecessary distraction at this stage in his career. Although he loves Temi, he is unable to put her needs before his ambition.
OC Ukeje

Karibi Fubara plays single 35-year old sociologist, 'Akin'

Karibi Faburu

Patrick Diabuah plays 31-year old industrialist heir, 'Sheriff'

Patrick Diabuah

A Nemsia Production

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