Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Extended Hands Foundation founded by Nollywood actress, Stephanie Linus has once again intervened for 15 women with VVF in Kwara State. The Foundation with support from Diamond Bank Plc was recently at the Kwara State Specialist Hospital, Sobi-Ilorin where these women were successful operated on and restored by specialist doctors.

VVF is a problem that occurs after child birth especially with under developed women.
Damages occur that result in lack of bladder control and related conditions such as dermatitis and erosion of the skin and other tissues in the vulva and vagina from the constant leaking of urine or faeces. 

In addition to these physical problems, VVF causes acute social problems.  Due to constant leaking of urine or faeces and the accompanying smell, most communities consider these women outcasts and cut them off from all social activities. If the fistulae are not repaired, their husbands may divorce the women.  Some leave their families to roam in the cities where they are not known as the outlook for them remain bleak in the community.

The Extended Hands Foundation seeks to bring hope and restoration for women who have been living with such conditions over varying periods of time. 
The efforts of the team was commended by the First Lady of the state Deaconess Omolewa Abdul-Fatah Ahmed who received both the Extended Hands Foundation Team and the team from Diamond Bank at the State House, Ilorin. And also the Commissioner for Health, Alhaji Kayode Issah warmly received the actress and her team.

The Extended Hands Foundation has carried out similar interventions for women with VVF in cities like Calabar, Ibandan, now in Kwara. The foundation is poised to keep extending hands of hope to these hopeless women across other states in the country.

God bless them
See photos

Stephanie with the Ist Lady Of Kwara State
Stephanie with the Health Commissioner, Kwara State
At the State House, Ilorin

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