Sunday, January 11, 2015


Ghallywood actor, John Dumelo in conjunction with John Dumelo Foundation is exploring historic places in rural parts of his country,Ghana... says tourism should be taken seriously. See details in the pictures below...

The Larambanga Mosque is one of the oldest mosque
in West Africa and the oldest in Ghana. Built in the
17th century, it was a perfect combination of Sudanese
Muslim architecture and indigenous building techniques. 

Sunset in Gonja

I woke up like this....#tourismisfun!

My visit to the magic stone in the west Gonja

Legend has it that this stone on the outskirts of
Larabanga -always returns to its original resting
place when moved, and -due to this legend the main
road that runs through this area had to be diverted
around the stone. 

Spending my morning on a private ranch in the
Northern region....guns are used to fire warning
shots to scare the animals away incase they attack.

Her smile is priceless.... Her name is lamisi and
she was on her way to pick yams from her farm....

Where I'm spending the night....and they have
light oooo... 

Interacting with widows in a remote village called
Moghari in the west Gonja district After the charity

Climbed the highest mountain in west africa today.
Mount afadjato, Volta region, Ghana. Almost 3000
feet high. That's off my bucket list now. Lol.

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