Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Nollywood star, Stephanie Linus, is starring in a Christian American Western movie, titled Boonville Redemption, which is currently being shot in the United States. The film was written by Judy Belshe-Toernblom and it is being directed by Don Schroeder. The movie stars Pat Boone, Ed Asner, and Diane Ladd. Also starring in the movie are Richard Tyson, Shari Rigby, Robert Hays, Kassandra Voyagis, and Emily Hoffman. The movie is set in 1906, Stephanie Linus plays a second generation American of Nigerian descent named Doris. Filming started on July 14. Check out the synopsis of the movie and location pictures after the cut ...

In California 1906 a young girl named Melinda shares a story of hardship and forgiveness as a villain named Mason, her step-father, makes her life miserable along with her brother Zack’s life and her mother Alice. She meets a young man named Shakespeare who loses his parents to an earthquake and she is happy when he is adopted by a local family. Soon her questions about what really happened to her father begins to be answered, with a few surprises.

Larrs Jackson, Stephanie Linus, and Pat Boone

Stephanie Linus and Pat Boone

Diane Ladd and Stephanie Linus

Emily Hoffman, Shari Rigby, and Stephanie Linus

Stephanie Linus getting her hair done

Stephanie Linus and Emily Hoffman

Stephanie Linus

Stephanie Linus and makeup artist, Myke Michaels

Stephanie Linus

Stephanie Linus waiting to shoot a scene

Stephanie Linus, Pat Boone, Emily Hoffman, and Diane Ladd

Emily Hoffman and Stephanie Linus

Gregory Thompson and Stephanie Linus

Stephanie Linus and Emily Hoffman

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