Saturday, May 24, 2014


Ghanaian actor, Eddie Watson, visited the New Life Orphanage International located at Nungua (15 km from Accra) last Thursday, which was his birthday. The actor was accompanied by several friends on the visit. He donated money and various items to the orphanage, including sacks of rice, packets of sugar, boxes of washing powders, cans of oil, and toiletries. He also gave scholarships to some of the children at the orphanage.

Some of those who accompanied him on the visit were his wife, Naomi Watson, Charlotte Derban, Lord Calvin, Salma Mumin, Soraya Mensah, Eddie Nartey, and Thelma Naa Lamiley Mills. Soraya Mensah made a cash donation to the orphanage, while Lord Calvin offered to pay school fees for four children in the home for one year.

Eddie Watson handing over donations to founder, Cephas Mensah Afotey
Eddie Watson answering questions from press
Eddie Watson and wife with the kids at the orphanage
The kids about to have lunch
Thelma Naa Lamiley Mills with some of the kids at the orphanage
Naomi Watson, Eddie Watson, Lord Calvin, Salma Mumin, and Soraya Mensah
Amyna, Charlotte Derban, Lord Calvin, Salma Mumin, Naomi Watson,
Eddie Watson, Soraya Mensah, and Eddie Nartey
Eddie Watson being interviewed by press
Eddie Watson and his wife, Naomi Watson

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