Thursday, January 27, 2011


France-based Nigerian director, Andy Okoroafor,  has released one of the most beautiful films to be produced by a Nigerian director in quite a while. The movie, titled Relentless features Gideon Okeke (Tinsel, BBA), Nneka Egbuna (soul singer), smoking hot Haitian actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis (Heroes), as well as Jibola Dabo. Relentless tells the story of Obi (Gideon Okeke), a Nigerian peace-keeping soldier serving in war-torn Sierra Leone, where he falls in love with a Sierra Leonean women named Blessing. Obi is devastated when Blessing is mutilated by child soldiers, and he is forced to kill her in order to put her out of her pain and misery. He returns to Lagos, and starts a security company together with his best friend Ola. Along the line, he lands a job to protect a politician, and about the same time he meets Honey (Nneka), a prostitute, searching for a missing friend who might have been a victim of ritual murder. The movie features incredible music from the likes of Tony Allen, Nneka, Keziah Jones, Bantu, and General Pype.

Relentless is not a typical Nollywood movie. It took Andy 4 years to complete  the movie. It is visually beautiful, but sparingly narrated. Much in the movie is left intentionally unexplained. It features long quiet takes, which are interspersed with rapid, short cuts that simulate the frenetic pace of life in the city of Lagos.Gideon Okeke gives an understated masterful performance in this movie, while Nneka gives a good account of herself in her first feature film. It is indeed nice to have a Nigerian director, and Nigerian actors on a movie such as this, which shows even more of the possibilities of Nigerian film.

Movie trailer: Relentless.

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